Service House

Welcome to our home

The flagship project of the Philadelphia Service Cooperative is our Service House. Located in West Philadelphia, the house serves multiple goals: (1) to provide an intentional community and serve as a model cooperative living, (2) to perform regular community service in the area, and encourage all members to make service part of their lives, and (3) to provide a venue for events and a base-of-operations for social entrepreneurship. PSC also seeks to promote values including sustainability, consent-based culture, and access to food and healthcare, and try to incorporate those values into our projects and lifestyle.

Our service house is a beautiful, 8 bedroom Victorian near Clark Park. The house has ample common space, two kitchens, and a scenic backyard. All of the residents commit to at least two community service projects a month, participate in cooperative decision-making, and take an active role in promoting the house’s goals and creating a welcoming environment.

Beyond the housemates, the Service House is the foundation for a network of socially conscious individuals, the Friends of PSC, who are a regular part of service projects, social events, and the welcoming atmosphere of the house.

You can stay in one of our guest rooms by making a reservation through the Embassy Network. Guests are welcome to participate in as many house social and service events as they choose during their stay.





What kinds of service does this house do? In the last year, we’ve had a series of recurring service opportunities, as well as one-time events we participated in. Recurring service has included Grace Cafe, a meal serve in center city, cooking meals for the Attic, an LGBTQ shelter, and Books Through Bars, a program that sends books to prison inmates. One-time events have included service at Bartram’s Gardens, a mosaic mural project, Rubye’s Kids, Taste of Success, and Villanova’s day of service.

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