We are the Philadelphia Service Cooperative. We’re a group of people who believe that service, community and safe, inclusive spaces all lead to richer, more fulfilling lives. We want to find ways to bring people closer together, and inspire them to contribute and be part of their local communities, rather than isolating themselves and competing for resources.

To change the way we live, we’ve begun by changing where we live – together in collaborative, intentional homes. PSC’s flagship project is its service house in West Philadelphia, where all housemates commit to projects that gradually improve the community around the house. Our sober house in New Jersey is a space where those committed to sobriety can feel safe and support each other.

We also organize dances and other social events, including Contradelphia. We believe that dancing together is another way to be part of a community, and makes people happy and healthy, and more able to contribute to the world around them.

Join us for the evening. Join us for the day. You’re welcome to be yourself and be a part of our community, too.