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April 2016

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Recent Happenings at PSC!

April 9, 2016

It’s been a few months since our last update, and PSC has been up to a lot. Here are some highlights of recent and upcoming happenings:

Martin Luther King Day of Service

We went out as a group on MLK Day, and painted and prepped some housing space for low-income families. We also got a few great action shots for our benevolent propaganda:

20160118_113112 20160118_112822 20160118_112720

Tutoring with the Lee Cultural Center

We are coordinating with a local school to find new, long-term, and regular service opportunities. To start, we have begun helping kids at a nearby after-school program with free tutoring and homework help on Mondays.

We are looking for more people to help out on Mondays, so if you are free at 3:00 pm, contact and ask how you can help.

Upcoming: Taste of Success!

We are going to be volunteering at Entrepreneurworks’ Event, Taste of Success, and can offer discounted tickets to friends of PSC! It’s a great event that showcases the talent of cooks who have had help recently starting up their business, and we participated last year, as well. If you’re interested in discount tickets, contact (proceeds will go to assist Entrepreneurworks in helping low-resource entrepreneurs to start up businesses with loans and free training, and invigorate areas of the city that will benefit the most from new businesses).

Social Events

PSC has a full house once again, and has been gearing up for Spring by cleaning up our backyard and preparing for outdoor barbecues and other adventures. In fact we were planning to make use of our newly hammock-ified backyard this evening, but for some reason it’s snowing in April.

Some of us are also excited about the upcoming Philadelphia Renaissance Faire, and are helping to organize it, so if you have questions about that, give us a shout.

Check out the Events page for other upcoming events, including a dance party on April 20th!