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December 2015


Opening for New Housemate at PSC!

December 22, 2015

Welcome to our home

Ever dreamt of being part of a co-op? Ever wanted to be part of PSC? Now’s your chance! We have an opening for a new housemate for PSC’s Service House in West Philly.

The Gist

The house is a gorgeous 8-bedroom colonial on a tree-lined street a few blocks north of Clark Park. It features two kitchens, tons of common space, a brick-lain backyard, and smooth hardwood floors throughout. It’s close to the MFL and 34 Trolley Lines, and within walking distance of Mariposa, cafes and restaurants, and a movie theater. Even better, the house comes with a community!

Cooperative living means that we make decisions as a community, share responsibilities, and try to stay actively connected to each other and the world around us. We host and help to organize events, both service and social, and try to create a welcoming space that both residents and guests are excited to be part of.

We’re looking for someone who’s enthusiastic about cooperative living, and who can commit to at least two service activities per month. Prior experience with cooperative living, intentional community, and activism a plus. A sense of humor and a problem-solving attitude are both beneficial. We encourage diverse candidates to apply and are queer-friendly.

Some Details

We’re looking for someone to move in by the beginning of February. If you’re available before then, we can probably work it out, too.

Rent will be $500, plus utilities and shared groceries. When the house has excess money in a month, rent goes down! We keep our total costs pretty reasonable – ask for details.

The available room is on the 4th Floor – the “quiet” floor, which just means that if you want to stay up late partying you should hang out in the numerous lower-floor spaces, and when you want to sleep you’ll be in luck. The room itself is pretty small, but it does have windows and you’ll have access to all the common space in the house.

No cats or dogs at this time, sorry. Pet rocks are ok, though.

If this sounds like the place for you, then email to set up an interview time or get more information.