The Last Two Weeks at PSC.

September 18, 2015

We’ve been busy at PSC the last few weeks! Now that everyone’s moved in and the house is set up, we’ve had a few exciting events happen.

  1. Last Saturday we helped Ahimsa House weed and clean their new garden area. They run yoga classes and Food Not Bombs out of their house in West Philly. Check out their website for more info and service opportunities:
  2. On Wednesday we hosted the DJX Weekday Dance at our new house! We had about 50 people come and dance with us.
  3. We’ve started to work with Food Not Bombs, which is run out of Ahimsa House. This week we picked up food donations for the project, which feeds people in the West Philly area.

We’re still looking into other service opportunities in the West Philly area. If anyone has ideas, let us know!

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