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Recent Happenings at PSC!

April 9, 2016

It’s been a few months since our last update, and PSC has been up to a lot. Here are some highlights of recent and upcoming happenings:

Martin Luther King Day of Service

We went out as a group on MLK Day, and painted and prepped some housing space for low-income families. We also got a few great action shots for our benevolent propaganda:

20160118_113112 20160118_112822 20160118_112720

Tutoring with the Lee Cultural Center

We are coordinating with a local school to find new, long-term, and regular service opportunities. To start, we have begun helping kids at a nearby after-school program with free tutoring and homework help on Mondays.

We are looking for more people to help out on Mondays, so if you are free at 3:00 pm, contact and ask how you can help.

Upcoming: Taste of Success!

We are going to be volunteering at Entrepreneurworks’ Event, Taste of Success, and can offer discounted tickets to friends of PSC! It’s a great event that showcases the talent of cooks who have had help recently starting up their business, and we participated last year, as well. If you’re interested in discount tickets, contact (proceeds will go to assist Entrepreneurworks in helping low-resource entrepreneurs to start up businesses with loans and free training, and invigorate areas of the city that will benefit the most from new businesses).

Social Events

PSC has a full house once again, and has been gearing up for Spring by cleaning up our backyard and preparing for outdoor barbecues and other adventures. In fact we were planning to make use of our newly hammock-ified backyard this evening, but for some reason it’s snowing in April.

Some of us are also excited about the upcoming Philadelphia Renaissance Faire, and are helping to organize it, so if you have questions about that, give us a shout.

Check out the Events page for other upcoming events, including a dance party on April 20th!


Opening for New Housemate at PSC!

December 22, 2015

Welcome to our home

Ever dreamt of being part of a co-op? Ever wanted to be part of PSC? Now’s your chance! We have an opening for a new housemate for PSC’s Service House in West Philly.

The Gist

The house is a gorgeous 8-bedroom colonial on a tree-lined street a few blocks north of Clark Park. It features two kitchens, tons of common space, a brick-lain backyard, and smooth hardwood floors throughout. It’s close to the MFL and 34 Trolley Lines, and within walking distance of Mariposa, cafes and restaurants, and a movie theater. Even better, the house comes with a community!

Cooperative living means that we make decisions as a community, share responsibilities, and try to stay actively connected to each other and the world around us. We host and help to organize events, both service and social, and try to create a welcoming space that both residents and guests are excited to be part of.

We’re looking for someone who’s enthusiastic about cooperative living, and who can commit to at least two service activities per month. Prior experience with cooperative living, intentional community, and activism a plus. A sense of humor and a problem-solving attitude are both beneficial. We encourage diverse candidates to apply and are queer-friendly.

Some Details

We’re looking for someone to move in by the beginning of February. If you’re available before then, we can probably work it out, too.

Rent will be $500, plus utilities and shared groceries. When the house has excess money in a month, rent goes down! We keep our total costs pretty reasonable – ask for details.

The available room is on the 4th Floor – the “quiet” floor, which just means that if you want to stay up late partying you should hang out in the numerous lower-floor spaces, and when you want to sleep you’ll be in luck. The room itself is pretty small, but it does have windows and you’ll have access to all the common space in the house.

No cats or dogs at this time, sorry. Pet rocks are ok, though.

If this sounds like the place for you, then email to set up an interview time or get more information.


The Embassy Network

November 3, 2015

The Philly Service Co-op has been invited to become part of the The Embassy Network, which is similar to AirBnB but specifically serves co-living communities. It has some really innovative features, like integrating social and cultural events into a calendar visible to potential guests. If you’re interested in traveling and would like to stay in a co-living community sign up for an account at Also, if you’re part of a co-living community looking for a culturally aligned room sharing network, check out Thanks so much to Jessy Kate Schingler, one of the creators of the Embassy Network, for allowing us to be a part of this cool new project. PSC’s Embassy Network page can be found at

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Youth Co-op Mixer

October 29, 2015


The USA Cooperative Youth Council hosted a mixer for Philadelphia area co-ops at PSC last weekend. There were snacks, drinks, and co-op bingo!

20151017_194005 20151017_194158

Service Projects

Rebuilding Together

October 17, 2015



Here’s Dallas, Rose and Jon at a block build in North Philly today. Thanks to Jon for hooking us up with Rebuilding Together. Rebuilding Together is an organization that recruits anyone with some basic DIY skills all the up to professional contractors to help fix occupied homes in neighborhoods that need it. We hope to participate in coming months. Check out their website:

Rebuilding Together


PSC Concert featuring The Great Swamps (Matt Horowitz)

October 14, 2015

Last night, PSC had the solo act Matt Horowitz performing on guitar as The Great Swamps. His songs were a unique mix of funny, unassuming and expressive. About ten people came out for the intimate show, and we were grateful to have it take place at the Philly Service Co-op. PSC has a fairly large space on the first floor and is happy to host small gatherings and performance like The Great Swamps. If you’re interested in hosting a small gathering with us, please email To see more of Matt’s music, check out the links below:
The Great Swamps Indiana

Service Projects

Trans March

October 10, 2015

PSC lent prep space to the West Philly of Food not bombs in order to make food for the Trans March in Philadelphia today.


The Last Two Weeks at PSC.

September 18, 2015

We’ve been busy at PSC the last few weeks! Now that everyone’s moved in and the house is set up, we’ve had a few exciting events happen.

  1. Last Saturday we helped Ahimsa House weed and clean their new garden area. They run yoga classes and Food Not Bombs out of their house in West Philly. Check out their website for more info and service opportunities:
  2. On Wednesday we hosted the DJX Weekday Dance at our new house! We had about 50 people come and dance with us.
  3. We’ve started to work with Food Not Bombs, which is run out of Ahimsa House. This week we picked up food donations for the project, which feeds people in the West Philly area.

We’re still looking into other service opportunities in the West Philly area. If anyone has ideas, let us know!


Full House – Prepare for Housewarming

August 15, 2015

Welcome to our home


The applications and interviews are finished, and PSC has settled on new housemates to join us in September! If you were hoping to join us, then take heart, for we still want you to be part of our community – as a friend of the house.

We will be organizing at least one fabulous housewarming party in September, where everyone can get a chance to see the new house and meet the new housemates. We will also be organizing service and social events that anyone is welcome to join, which will be posted to our calendar as we get settled.

If you have any questions on the house or upcoming events, contact us.


PSC is Upgrading – Join us in September!

July 24, 2015

Welcome to our home

*Update 8/15* The house is currently full. If you’re still interested in joining us, get in touch and come to our events this Fall, and we’ll let you know if space opens.

Our co-op is getting an upgrade, and moving to a bigger, better Service House. The new house is a gorgeous 8-bedroom colonial on a tree-lined street just a few blocks from Clark Park. It features two kitchens, tons of common space, a brick-lain backyard, and smooth hardwood floors throughout. Even better, it comes with a community!

We still have a couple spaces available for full-time residents, and if you’re interested in joining as a resident, here’s what we’re looking for:

 1. People who are excited about service, community, and preferably dancing

2. People who can commit to community service at least twice a month for a few hours

3. People who want to bring their own talents and perspectives to enrich the community.

The current residents are mostly young professionals, but we will also interview mature students and people of any age who can bring positive energy to the community.

Rent will be around $500, plus utilities. House members will also pool resources to buy bulk groceries and other house goods affordably.

If you’re interested, contact Bryan or Patrick and we’ll schedule and interview to see how well you’d fit our community. We’ll arrange showings of the house itself in August once we’ve had initial interviews. In the meantime, click here for more pictures!

If you’re not interested in joining as a resident, then get excited anyway, because all Friends of PSC will be welcome in our new space.